How to get the perfect flawless tan

Achieving the perfect flawless tan

Follow these simple steps to enjoy your gorgeous, natural-looking and even tan with us every time.


Prepare skin by exfoliating thoroughly in the shower or bath. Make sure you choose an exfoliator that doesn't leave an oily film behind, as this will act as a barrier and stop your tan being absorbed. The Tanning Rooms Body Scrubs are a perfect choice and will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. It's a great way to treat your skin even if you're not tanning! It is important that your skin is free of perfume, deodorants, body creams and make-up. Don’t worry if you’re coming straight from work – we’ll provide you with cleansing wipes to help you prepare your skin.

Elbows, knees and ankles can be tricky. We always apply a thin layer of unperfumed moisturiser as part of your treatment to just these areas before tanning, to make sure product doesn't gather.


Thanks to The Tanning Rooms product choices and advanced airbrush spray tan technique, it smells delicious and dries almost immediately, so you can apply it and then get on with your day. If you do want to tan and go, we advise you wear dark, loose clothing.

If you can (or dare), don't wear a bra after tanning. This will avoid telltale marks where your straps have rubbed.

Your tan will start to develop within 3-4 hours and will be fully developed in approximately 8 hours. For 8 hours after having had your tan applied avoid doing anything that will make you perspire or will wash off your tanning product, such as going to the gym, sunbathing or swimming.

When you first shower after tanning, just wash with water and only use only oil-free shower gel or soap in the areas needed. Its fine to go back to your normal routine after this, ensuring your body cleansing product is oil-free. For best results, use one of The Tanning Rooms body scrubs, which have been developed to work in synergy with our tanning products. The light granular texture of our body scrubs leave skin feeling wonderfully smooth and best of all, they are all completely colour safe.

To maintain the most flawless finish and ensure even fading, it's important you exfoliate and moisturise your skin from day one after tanning, with oil-free, fragrance-free products.

To extend the life of your tan, apply one of The Tanning Rooms gradual tanners about three days after your initial application. This should make your tan last around 3-4 days longer. Just follow the same simple procedure and make sure you wash your hands or tanning mitt thoroughly afterwards.